Dr Mark Porter | GMC# 3183988

  • Culverhay Surgery (NHS)
  • GP and medical journalist

Archived Declarations

Jan. 30, 2014

Other sources of income or benefits from other organisations relevant to medical practice

Company Reason for receipt of fees Total amount received
Reynolds Mackenzie (client Celgene) Recorded interview on diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer (both my parents had it) £1000- £2000
Tonic Communications (client Menarini) - on condition fee donated to charity and no particular product endorsement or mention Filmed interview of overview of management of premature ejaculation £2000 - £5000

Other Declarations

I work as a medical journalist for The Times and BBC.

Jan. 30, 2014

Other Declarations

Most of my earnings outside of my NHS practice, and journalism for the BBC and The Times, come from chairing conferences - mainly international meetings in Europe, the States and Africa. These vary from Government and charity funded events, to large medical society annual conventions, and my fees can vary from expenses only, to a few thousand pounds depending on the event.

I am director of Rudehealth Ltd - a personal service company that derives nearly all its revenue from my freelance work for the BBC. The accounts, including my expenses, are a matter of public record but in a typical year turnover is around £25 - 30,000.

I was a founder editor and stakeholder of the health information website surgerydoor.co.uk (2000) and while I retain no working relationship with the parent company - In Touch with Health - part of my initial renumeration was a tiny share holding which I retain (and was nigh on worthless last time I looked). I receive no dividends.

I have no shares in pharmaceutical or related companies.

I sit on the judging committee for the Prix Galien awards for which I receive a £750 renumeration.

I work closely with number of charities; these include Cotswold Care Hospice - where my wife Ros works as an unpaid volunteer - Meningitis Now and Pancreatic Cancer UK. They do lobby for policy change - e.g. adoption of new cancer treatments or vaccines - but I limit my involvement to disease awareness and fund raising.

I do no private practice ( although I used to do a session a week at our local Nuffield ).

I was a partner in a GP practice but since 2006 have worked as a salaried sessional GP two days a week.

I play no role in commissioning care locally, and have no vested commercial interests in any bodies that may benefit from recent NHS reforms.