Steve Mowle | GMC# 4010410

  • Hetherington Group Practice
  • GP Principal

Archived Declarations

April 3, 2018

Other Declarations

I am a 5 session GP Partner at the Hetherington Group Practice in Lambeth, my practice does not allow any pharma sponsorship or reps to enter the premises.

As Honorary Treasurer of the RCGP, 4 (Associate Director Pay Scale GP05) sessions are back-filled by the RCGP to allow me to carry out my RCGP duties which are in excess of these sessions paid.

I will occasionally be taken out for dinner by a partner company eg Searcys (RCGP Caterers), no more than 2-3 times per year and I rarely ever consume alcohol at these events whilst on college business. (meal costs <£50 per meal).

I usually attend one meal per year (eg BMJ Annual Awards) as a guest of the MDDUS which the RCGP has an ongoing relationship, again I rarely consume alcohol whilst on college business. ( I am virtually teetotal anyway!).

I am also the Deputy Chair of the Trustee Board of Citizens UK, a registered charity. The Charity's principal aim is to increase participation in Civil Society, mainly through the methodology of Broad Based Community Organising; high profile campaigns include the (real) Living Wage Foundation, Safe Passage (children refugees) and Refugees Welcome.

The RCGP is now a (real) living wage employer since April 1st 2018 and I was not involved in the decision making, surrounding this decision.