David Carroll | GMC# 7517586

  • Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
  • Academic FY2 Doctor

Archived Declarations

March 27, 2018

Past Declarations

My Intercalated BSc was funded by the Jean Shanks Foundation.

I was co-founder and co-lead of the Open Access Button project. I do not receive a salary for these roles. My work on the Open Access Button and the work of the Open Access Button was supported both financially and in-kind by the Public Library of Science (PLOS), Jisc, Open Society Foundations, Cottage Labs and Mozilla Science. I have received flights and accommodation support from the Public Library of Science and SPARC to attend training. I was fully funded to attend OpenCon 2014. http://www.opencon2014.org/sponsors

I have received funding for travel from nonprofits to speak at events, these include the International Medical Co-operation Committee and Universities Allied for Essential Medicines.

I was employed for a summer as a medical student by the UK Cochrane Centre, the UK centre of the Cochrane Collaboration, an organisation involved in alltrials.net. I was paid a small salary for my role.

I was a co-recipient of a £10,000 grant from the Wellcome Trust to promote engagement with academic medicine and research in my medical school.

Other Declarations

I am a doctor employed by the NHS, with a recent joint appointment as a university academic.

I do not have any financial or other ties to drug companies. I do not eat drug rep lunches.

To my knowledge, I have received no funding from any other source.