Peter O'Donnell | GMC# 3303902

  • Self-employed
  • GP Principal

Archived Declarations

Jan. 21, 2014

Benefits received from pharmaceutical companies

Company Reason for receipt of fees Total amount received
Various Sponsorship of meeting venue and lunch for quarterly local diabetes shared care meeting. I am not aware that speakers are paid directly for this. under £100
Various Sponsorship of lunch at bimonthly afternoon educational meetings at local hospital under £100

Other sources of income or benefits from other organisations relevant to medical practice

Company Reason for receipt of fees Total amount received
Insurance companies Completion of medical reports for registered patients £1000- £2000
NHS England Practice GMS Contract. MPIG Correction Factor, Quality and Outcome Achievement payments £100000+
NHS England I undertake GP appraisals to support revalidation process £5000 - £10000
Guildford and Waverley CCG Practice - various local and nationally agreed services and initiatives e.g. Anticoagulation Clinic £10000 - £50 000
CHASE Shooting Star (Children's Hospice Charity) Practice: Provision of medical services to local children's hospice including out of hours and weekend cover. £10000 - £50 000
Guildford and Waverley CCG I undertake consultancy and sessional work including GP Lead for procurement of Out of Hours GP services and NHS 111. Representative of CCG on IFR Panel (Individual Funding Requests) £2000 - £5000
Various Nursing Homes Provision of non-GMS services to a number of local Nursing Homes £1000- £2000
NHS England Practice: Reimbursement under Current Market Rate scheme (notional rent) £10000 - £50 000

Other Declarations

Partner in a GP training practice with GP Registrars and medical students. Funding from KSS Deanery and from relevant medical schools. Various sources of income for typical GP practice in addition to GMS contract such as completion of cremation forms and various reports requested from different agencies which are not covered under terms of GMS contract.