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Archived Declarations

Feb. 7, 2017

Research grants paid by private institutions to your department

Company Reason for receipt of fees Total amount received
National Institute of Health Research I am currently working as an NIHR in practice fellow within the Nuffield department of Primary Care, University of Oxford £10000 - £50 000
Green Templeton College, University of Oxford I was a co-recipient of a small grant from Green Templeton College, with the primary care department as above, to undertake a patient and public involvement project and a workshop £2000 - £5000

Past Declarations

I teach medical students from Oxford medical school. The practice receive the income for the year 1/2 medical students that I teach. I am paid via my practice on a sessional basis for sessions taught on the year 4 communication skills course.

I have presented and taught with red whale GP Update (both GP update courses and GPN courses), on a sessional basis, between 2014 and 2016. I have now ceased in this role, having presented my last course in Novmber 2016.

I recieved payment from a grant via the oxford University Nuffield department of Primary Care department as a short term contract researcher work on a project in 2014