Dr Aseem Malhotra | GMC# 6029224

  • Lister Hospital, Stevenage
  • Honorary Consultant Cardiologist

Archived Declarations

Sept. 3, 2016

Other Declarations

Intellectual Declarations of Interest

Passionate campaigner for NHS values writing numerous articles in the guardian on the importance of protecting the system from privatisation.

My passion for the NHS even led to me working one day a week for one year in an NHS hospital as a consultant cardiologist with no pay and had to cover my own travel expenses.

Strong interest in public and population health with two main areas of interest; 1. Campaigning to reduce the burden of lifestyle related disease which a main factor behind increasing pressure on the NHS

  1. Calling for greater transparency in healthcare with a special interest in winding back the harms of "too much medicine" and being a strong advocate of shared decision making.

I helped coordinate a joint campaign between the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and the BMJ to introduce Choosing Wisely in the UK.

Member of the board of trustees of the King's Fund (unpaid) Member of the AoMRC Choosing Wisely steering group ( unpaid) Cardiologist advisor to the National Obesity Forum ( unpaid) Member of the GLA Food Board (unpaid)

Financial Declarations of Interest

I am in a non-salaried honorary consultant post in an NHS hospital on a sessional rate.

I have received payments for my "Observations from the Heart" column in the BMJ, and occasionally in various newspaper's including the Observer, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times and The Sun. Although often I write articles for free. I receive a payment for appearances as a Sky News newspaper reviewer which I undertake approximately once every two months.

I occasionally receive a speaker fee and travel expenses covered for international and national conferences but do not take payment, promote or receive sponsorship money from the pharmaceutical industry or the food industry.

I work on an ad hoc basis seeing patients in a private capacity under the principles of choosing wisely, and shared decision making to protect them from the harms of over-diagnosis and over treatment.

I am a co-producer of "The Big Fat Fix" ; a health documentary made without commercial interest or sponsorship as part of a campaign to change medial culture in the UK and across the globe around the importance and impact of lifestyle changes on health.