Dr Margaret Helliwell | GMC# 1649879

  • self employed
  • Retired GP. Current non-executive Airedale Hospital Foundation Trust (Declaration also made for the hospital)

Archived Declarations

July 1, 2016

Past Declarations

See below

My previous declaration for NICE also included the fact that I was working within the NHS and specific policy instigated by NICE might affect my income

Other Declarations

I have a personal non pecuniary Interest. My husband is a clinical academic researcher and acts as a PI on research grants and also does occasional consultancy for pharmaceutical companies. All income received from these sources is either part of his employing institutions income to maintain research or in the case of the consultancy is immediately placed in a charitable fund which supplements the same research. In the case of NICE (my previous area of potential conflict) I took no part in any work connected with his specialty.