Stefan Hjorleifsson | GMC# none

  • Self-employed general practitioner in Norway and employed at the University of Bergen in Norway
  • General practitioner and associate professor

Archived Declarations

May 27, 2016

Other Declarations

I am a trainer in general practice and also teach on cources for general practitioners and receive on average approx £5.000 yearly from the Norwegian Medical Association for training sessions and teaching. Since September 2015 I have been Board member in the Norwegian College of General Practice. This position is imbursed by a yearly amount of approx £10.000 depending on the number of Board Meetings and other assignments. Since 2014 I have been on the Board of the Norwegian Research Fund for General Practice. September 2015-August 2016 I am a Visiting Academic at the University of Warwick - but I do not receive any income from Warwick uni or from other non-Norwegian Sources. My own research projects have been funded by the University of Bergen and the Norwegian Research Council. My university department has not received any external funding. However individual researchers at my department have been funded by the Norwegian Lottery Fund in addition to the Norwegian Research Council and other public funding sources.