Dr. Philip Rathbone | GMC# 3431650

  • Vale Medical Group
  • General Practitioner

Archived Declarations

Feb. 2, 2015

Other sources of income or benefits from other organisations relevant to medical practice

Company Reason for receipt of fees Total amount received
Long Clawson Pharmacy I am a director of a rural pharmacy. I therefore reeiv income from the prescribing and dispensing of mediciens £10000 - £50 000

Other Declarations

I practice in a rural dispensing practice. This means that I gain income from the dispensing of medication by my practice. I am committed to the principle of clinical and cost-effective prescribing in order to minimise overexposure to medication and to limit costs to the NHS.

I am a former member of the Leicester Medicines Strategy Group (www.lmsg.nhs.uk) an organisation that controls the introduction of new medicaines into the Leceistershire health community. I did not earn any income from this

I work an an expert witness in clinical negligence litigation so I am paid by solicitors, agencies and, indirectly, by claimants and defendants involced in clinical negligence disputes.