Kashif Bhatti | GMC# 6051334

  • High Field surgery
  • GP Principal

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July 22, 2019

Nothing To Declare

July 28, 2015

Other Declarations

I am an NHS Doctor and work in a Partnership of General Practitioners. My salary is derived from funding that the NHS provides our organization for patient care. As with all General Practitioners in the UK, this funding consists of 'core' healthcare provided to patients plus separate payments that are related to improving the care of patients with, for example, long-term health conditions (QOF payments); patients at risk of a deterioration in their health; patients in targeted health groups that are vulnerable to ill-health; providing vaccinations and public health care; performing procedures such as skin surgery and joint injections; and prescribing responsibly to both patients and society.

Part of my salary may be derived from training General Practice Registrars (GPs in training).

I do not earn any money from referring patients to specific NHS or non-NHS providers but I am penalized if I do not refer in accordance with NHS guidelines and 'best practice' (i.e. using the 'Choose and Book' system).

I do not earn any money from recommending specific treatments to patients but our organization may be rewarded for prescribing in accordance with NHS and local health authority 'best practice'. These rewards may allow improvement in our facilities and/or equipment to improve patient care.

I occasionally work in out-of-hour settings and my salary here is a direct cost to the employer working in this capacity. I have no restrictions or conditions in place that affect my healthcare decision-making or influence my salary beyond being a responsible, professional, and competent doctor.

Nov. 25, 2014

Other Declarations

I am (overall) employed by the NHS. Hence, my medical practice is independent but operates within the limits or constraints of the NHS. As a provider of healthcare by the NHS and hence UK taxpayer, I have a duty to practice with a wider, social responsibility.