Sunil Bhopal | GMC# 7079879

  • Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
  • Consultant Paediatrician

Declaration History


Declaration June 4, 2024, 4:08 p.m.

Clinical Positions

  • NHS : Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Consultant Paediatrician



At the time of making this declaration I do not have active research grants and will update this over time.

Other work

I am an unpaid member of the board of trustees at three charities: 1) Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health; 2) Foundation Years Information & Research; 3) The Children's Foundation. Information on each of these is available via their websites and via the Charity Commission website. I receive travel and accommodation expenses from the RCPCH from time to time.


Nil directly relating to healthcare. I have a stocks and shares ISA fund which is invested ethically via a financial advisor. I have no control over the specific companies this fund invests in. I have a ~20k stake in a company owned by a family member (renewable energy).




I am a member of the Labour party.

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